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A.Basal cell carcinoma
B.Squamous cell carcinoma

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B.Squamous cell carcinoma??????????

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zorawar - 07-15-09 04:38

A.Basal cell carcinoma

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ans: D.Keratokanthoma

The most important differential diagnosis of KA is SCC. The involution of large portions of the KA tumor and rapid growth following a biopsy favor the diagnosis of KA; the formation of ulcers and atypical cells favor the diagnosis of SCC. Other important differential diagnoses to consider are actinic keratoses and verrucous carcinomas. Actinic keratoses develop as a gradually progressing single, small papule or plaque on sun-exposed areas, commonly the face, of patients older than 30 with fair-skin and significant sun exposure. Actinic keratoses have much slower growth.

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625947 - 01-01-11 03:14

kerato acanthoma

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Keratoacanthoma is a relatively common low-grade malignancy that originates in the pilosebaceous glands and closely resembles squamous cell carcinoma

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